Ráth György Street 24. Budapest, Hungary 1122   Phone: (36-1) 266-2842   Fax: (36-1) 392-7262   E-mail: iroda@szilagyianna.hu Magyar

Dr. Anna Szilágyi, the founding member of Dr. Szilágyi Anna Law Office, established the legal predecessor to our Office in 2000.

Our Office is a "full service" provider, meaning that we provide legal advice to our clients in every field of civil and business law, including especially all aspects of corporate law, labour law, public administration law, and tax law.

Further information on our profile and services is available among our Fields of Expertise.

We provide our services based on either permanent or ad hoc representation contracts. Our services include drafting documents, providing legal representation in court and in the course of out–of–court proceedings, and assistance in domestic and international matters concerning tenders and public procurement procedures.

Our objective is to establish long-term cooperation with our clients by approaching all legal issues in a practical yet flexible manner with a strong focus at all times on the needs of our clients, and by solving all such issues at the highest professional level. We devote our utmost efforts to the affairs entrusted to us, so our clients need to spend as short a time with such issues as absolutely necessary and can benefit from the satisfactory arrangements we achieve.

Our lawyers are fluent in English and/or German. We also provide our colleagues with further professional training on a regular basis in order to maintain the outstanding level of our services.

Should you have any further questions regarding our Office or our services, please do not hesitate to contact as at the above Contact points!